Main tips how to win roulette in the casino

How to win Roulette in the casino?

When playing roulette casino always has the advantage due to the mathematical laws and rules of the game. This advantage lies in the fact that the roulette wheel has 37 sectors, and the winnings are paid as if the wheel had only 36 cells. The extra sector of the roulette wheel gives the casino an advantage in the amount of 1/37 of all bets (that is, 2.7%).

In addition, it is purely theoretical and matters only for the casino. It manifests itself as a result of the game of thousands of players in the long run. If this mathematical advantage was significant for each player, then all roulette players would have finished their game, losing exactly 2.7% of all bets. But in practice it is not.

A player can lose a fortune in just a few hours, as they can beat a million roulettes. This is because when playing roulette there is a huge variance – the deviation of the actual results from the calculated values. It is due to the dispersion that players can neglect the mathematical advantage of the casino and successfully win at roulette.

Main rules how to win in the casino Roulette

To win a roulette below there are three common mistakes of players and ways to avoid them.

The player can win big money in American and European roulette with a single bet, but this is fate. Chances will increase if bets can be repeated in case of failure, so the size of bets should match budget.

It should be remembered, such amount of money on the “number” which will make it possible to repeat bet 40-50 times can be bet.

Mutually exclusive bets

In roulette, the number 31 is a red number. For example, if you bet on 31, then never bet on the black one at the same time. Indeed, in the case of the loss of the number 31, the bet on the “black” will obviously lose.

An example of the stupidest mutually exclusive bet is the simultaneous bet on “black” and “red”. It completely deprives the player of the chances of winning, but retains the probability of losing if “zero” falls.

Random game

Sometimes inexperienced players literally fall asleep at the roulette table with their stakes. Guided by emotions alone, they put on all the “numbers” in a row. Often one of the bets wins, but due to the fact that the sum of lost bets is too high, such players end up losing money. For a successful game, roulette strategy is needed. Even a bad strategy is better than a haphazard game. The player has to sit at the roulette table, having in their head a plan of actions that needs to be strictly followed.

The tactics how to win in roulette at the casino are variable so an evert player can choose the best one.

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